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We are passionate about seeing lives transformed by the love of God and following Jesus' example of caring for those in need. 

In addition to the work below we also partner with and support a number of other charities and organisations across Bodmin, Cornwall and around the world.


We passionately believe in putting our faith into action, so we regularly assist local people with gardening, shifting furniture around, and generally supporting those in need.


believing in bodmin

We believe God calls us to serve our local community, and in so doing to share the love and hope we have found in him. We have been delighted to work with local charities to support events in the Park, for example.

In addition, our members volunteer with CAP, the foodbank, and Acts435.

Community Projects


We are delighted to be Advocates for Acts435, an innovative charity which hosts a website allowing people across the world to donate funds to those in need.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of funding for something specific such as household goods, or assistance with bills, Acts435 might be able to help. Please note that we are currently able to offer this service only to people living in the Bodmin area.


Our weekly initiative which seeks to create a safe space for people to share their skills and grow in self-confidence as a result.

Come along and see what you can offer, or what you can discover!


We are also committed to giving away 10% of our regular giving, meaning we support the following charities:

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